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Get affordable help with Texas divorce online. File for divorce without a lawyer by getting a full set of Texas divorce papers online for a great price.

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File for Divorce in Texas Online in 3 Simple Steps

Texas divorce timeline can be shortened considerably if you file for an uncontested divorce. To do it, you need to make sure that you are on the same page with your spouse about all the important financial and family decisions and do not have to take any issues to court. This will allow you to divorce in Texas without a lawyer and get cheap online assistance.

If you want to get help with your divorce paperwork online, take these 3 steps:
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1. Answer a few questions so that our system can choose and fill out the forms for you.
2. Download your paperwork and check if everything is in order.
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3. Follow the guide you receive to file divorce in Texas.
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Complete Divorce Papers in Texas Online

Texas courts give spouses a chance to file for divorce without a lawyer’s help if they are in full agreement. However, it also means that you will have to search for divorce forms in Texas completely on your own. There are many different papers available for marriage dissolution cases, which you will have to sort through to find those matching your situation.

One way or another, looking for those divorce papers in Texas may become one of the hardest steps when you’re going through them on your own. Fortunately, our online process has made it simple for TX couples. With our service, you don’t have to spend days surfing the Web or going to the court clerk to ask some questions about this or that form.

No Lawyer’s Fees. No Hassle.

In order to get divorce paperwork in Texas, you just need to fill out our questionnaire, and the completed divorce papers will be ready for download in just 5 days. Besides, we will provide you with a detailed filing guide, so you will be well informed about the steps you need to take next.

How to Fill Out Texas Online Divorce Forms

In order to get your filled-out Texas divorce papers online, you have to provide this information:

Our system will fill your uncontested divorce papers online after automatically choosing suitable forms based on your answers. You will be able to review if everything is correct and change your answers later if you want something added.

Compare Your Options for Uncontested Divorce in Texas

Option 01.
Divorce With a Lawyer

The price starts from $4,000 for uncontested and $15,000 for contested divorces.

Long process since you will have to work with your lawyer a lot and visit multiple hearings if your case is contested.

Overall, a very stressful process with unpredictable outcomes depending on your lawyer’s professionalism.

Option 02.​
Online Divorce

Only $139 with no hidden fees and surcharges for Texas divorce forms with a child.

The paperwork is ready in 5 days, and you receive a simple filing guide.

A quick online process where you are in control.

Option 03.
DIY divorce

Only court fees are to be covered, but multiple times if you make mistakes.

It may take weeks to find and fill out all the forms and figure out the further steps.  

High likelihood of issues with research, understanding of legal terminology, and compliance with the court requirements.

Customer Feedback

We strive to provide the best customer experience to all our clients. You can see the proof of our diligent work in these Texas online divorce reviews:

Jack B.

"I had no money to file with a lawyer and was looking for a cheap option. I am very glad that I could get so much help for only 139 bucks. Very useful website! Thank you!"

Kyle S.

"I tried doing everything on my own first. Boy was that a mistake! With this service, I managed to save not only money but also my time. Amazing!"

Mary C.

"Probably the best service to get divorce forms from. They are very nice and helpful and do their job really professionally. I have finally managed to file and now am happily divorced"

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can get an easy divorce in Texas online. However, it is only possible if you and your spouse come to a full agreement with each other and won’t need to hire lawyers to argue in court.

The minimum waiting period for an uncontested divorce in TX is 60 days. This period is mandatory, and until 2 months pass, the couple cannot officially end their marriage. If you want to get a quick divorce in Texas, try to get a hearing date as soon as the waiting time is over.

In TX, the couple has to visit a short final hearing even if their marriage dissolution is uncontested. The judge may ask you and your spouse some questions before issuing a final judgment, so your appearance is a must. You can contact the clerk and ask if there are exceptions or if one of you may not attend.

Online divorce at our service costs only $139, no matter how many forms you need or whether you have children. You will also need to cover the filing fees in court separately. Considering the average costs of divorces with lawyers, an online service is the best way to get a cheap divorce in Texas.